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Located on Atlantic Business Park, Hayes Lane, Sully.

Our ethos is to provide our community with; the best equipped studio gym, extremely knowledgable trainers and an extensive class schedule to ensure we can deliver the support to get you the results you deserve.


...because we're STRONGER TOGETHER

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Located on Atlantic Business Park, Hayes Lane, Sully. Our ethos is to provide members with the most well equipped studio gym in the area. 


Momentum Fitness is a positive, friendly, non intimidating personal training gym. Anybody and everybody can benefit from working out here, from frequent gym goers who just need that extra motivation to those people at the start of their fitness journey, who have no idea where to start. We've got you covered!


Our private studio gym may be smaller but it sure is mighty! We have a full variety of equipment from the standard free weights, barbells and leg press to monkey bars, boxing bags and prowlers.


We've got it all! And we intend to make full use of our facility during every class or PT session. 

 So, why were we created? After working at commercial gyms, it was made obvious to Danielle that there were 3 clear barriers that blocked clients from reaching their goals; Gym intimidation, lack of availability on equipment and without mental health support clients would often fall back into old habits of crash diets, secret eating and lack of motivation. With this in mind, Danielle set out to open a private gym where clients are part of a community and have access to a safe space where they can train without judgement and get the support they need. 

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